A Nature Lover’s Dream

Set within the marine protected area of Woburn Bay, The Point Residence Club & Luxury, Wellness Resort is the perfect retreat for the affluent explorer and a nature lover’s dream.

The marine protected bay is awash with nature and teeming with aquatic life in many shapes and forms from seagulls, fishes and sea urchins to land crabs, conch or ‘Lambie’ and lobsters. Our small secluded beach is ringed with mangroves on both sides and features a natural barrier reef that’s perfect for snorkeling. It also protects the swimming area so only calm waves reach our shores.

Your days at The Point can be filled with beachcombing for natural seashells and sea glass; swimming in the bay or sunbathing. Our guests can venture out on their own or take a guided kayak tour along the bay, through mangrove reserves with a packed lunch on one of the nearby deserted islands.

For those who are more adventurous at heart and prefer to the explore the island, then Grenada’s volcanic terrain and lush rain forests are sure to stimulate your appetite adventure. The island’s terrain is perfect for hiking trips to discover wildly beautiful waterfalls, rivers and lakes.

Golden Sulphur Hot Springs can be found near some waterfalls such as Golden Falls which features a stream of hot water falling alongside the refreshingly cool water of water from the river above.  Easily accessed Sulfur ponds can be found in a number of locations at the north of the island and is definitely a day trip worth making to explore.

Not to worry, it only takes approximately 1.5 hours to get to the north of the island with many sights, attractions and nature stops to visit along the way. This island paradise is certainly a nature lover’s dream and a gem to be discovered during your stay in Grenada.


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