Culinary Centre of Excellence


We create truly memorable dining experiences by providing our guests with a unique gourmet culinary journey. Our custom curated menus feature local and international dishes that are prepared with only the freshest organic herbs and spices to bring out the dynamic flavour in food. 

Guests enjoy decadent meals prepared by our experienced resident chef and other chefs from The Point’s Culinary Centre of Excellence.

Our gourmet experiences transcend the meal and incorporate a delicate balance of natural beauty, ambiance and rich culture to bring a unique flair to every dining experience.

Culinary Centre of Excellence

Through The Points’ Culinary Centre of Excellence, the Club has engaged experienced international chefs to host culinary workshops where select candidates from the hospitality industry are given the opportunity to train in core areas required in the demanding food and hospitality industry. 

“This centre of culinary excellence was launched in response to our guests’ requests for unique and high quality dining options  during their stay in Grenada. In our continuing efforts to differentiate our service and offerings, we are embarking on a unique initiative to create a new culinary paradigm while creating truly memorable dining experiences for our food enthusiasts”, commented Dr. Christopher Ashby, Chairman of The Point. 

This initiative is a major step in supporting future chefs on their path to excelling in the culinary arts.