Fractional Ownership

High-End 2-bedroom Condominiums

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at only a fraction of the cost

Become an owner of one of our beautifully finished high-end, luxury condominiums located within Point at Petite Calivigny Private Residence club in Grenada.

Grenada is ideal as a year-round vacation spot and the island experiences near perfect weather all year. The island is one of the safest islands in the Caribbean due to an extremely low crime rate and its location outside of the hurricane belt. 

Benefits of Fractional Ownership

The cost of ownership is split with other owners

Usage rights (4 weeks)

Owner receives a title deed to their share of the asset

Reduced operational costs

Income potential when not in use

Fully managed property

Family can use

Can be passed on in estate

Ownership Options

CITRINE: Ground Floor – Garden and Partial Ocean View Residence 

Citrine: $135,000 USD

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fractional Ownership is an investment approach where the cost of an asset is split up between individual shareholders. All owners split the benefits of the asset such as usage rights, reduced rates and income. Fractional Ownership is common in the purchase of expensive assets like vacation homes, luxury cars and aircrafts. 

Although many people dream of owning vacation property, most either can’t afford the type of property they want, or they would not use the vacation home often enough to justify the expense. 

Fractional ownership provides a solution to this by allowing each investor to pay only a fraction of the cost and ongoing expenses of vacation home ownership and share the risks of maintenance. 

The fundamental difference between fractional ownership and timeshare ownership is that with fractional ownership the investor owns part of the title rather than units of time. With fractional ownership, if the asset increases in value, the value of the shares in the investment does as well.

Generally, the term fractional ownership is used to describe arrangements involving a much smaller owner group, a single shared home (as opposed to a multi-unit property or resort).

The closing costs on fractional real estate are the same as for whole ownership. The buyer will be required to pay 5% in conveyance tax fees as well as 1% – 2% in legal fees. Non-citizens of Grenada are subject to a 10% Alien Land Holding Tax.