Construction Complete

We are very excited to announce that The Point at Petite Calivigny (The Point), a Grenada Government approved CBI Project has completed principle construction.

On December 8th 2018, the company officially finished building its collection of luxury villas and condominiums making it  the first Citizenship by Investment project to complete under the Grenada CBI program since first launched in 2013. 

“The CBI real estate development market is and will continue to have significant challenges and in most cases, the risks associated with these challenges are passed to investors and not borne by the developers. The completion of construction at The Point at Petite Calivigny is a significant achievement for our company as it demonstrates our ability to fulfill the commitment to the many stakeholders who have supported us during this two year process. “  Kelliann Waldron

Next Steps

In the coming months, the management will focus on commissioning the development for owners and guests

Grenada Luxury Real Estate

Completed Villa at The Point


Click image to view construction update video

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