Interview with a Point Homeowner

“I have had professional careers all my life and I am an entrepreneur. I am one of those people who worked hard and got to a point where I started to look at the balances in my life: physical and mental wellbeing, keeping myself relevant by gaining appropriate knowledge and the spiritual side. What defines me is constantly trying to find those balances. It’s very easy to get tied up in being busy, working hard and being successful …I am an outdoorsy kind of person. I love warm weather, music, sports and I’ve always loved the ocean and sea; I’ve recently made Grenada and The Point my new home” – Jerry, Retired 

Q: What country are you originally from and why did you choose Grenada as your new home?

A: In choosing a country to live, the most important things I considered were the climate, if I would be able to live the lifestyle I want, safety and political stability.

I knew about ten (10) years before that I would move to a new country. So, in those ten years, I went through a process of carefully considering my options and researching them. Europe was too cold for me and had too many persons living in close proximity to each other; Australia and New Zealand offered great lifestyles, but they are very far away from other countries. They are also very difficult to get into once you got to retirement age; South America had many appealing countries, but political instability is a recurring issue. North America was an attractive option but more for a career move.  I was ultimately looking for somewhere a bit more ‘laid back’ that reminded me of my home South Africa.

At some point you have to say, “this is the place”. When I looked at Grenada it has exceptional weather; offered a great lifestyle; financial and political stability which is very important; and the people were very welcoming. After researching and traveling to many countries Grenada was the best fit for me personally.

Q: How many homes have you owned in your life?

A: I’ve owned fourteen (14) homes throughout my lifetime, so I am not a novice to the buying and selling process.

Q: What was your process in buying property in Grenada?  

A: There were three primary aspects of the buying process for me.

The first was to understand what type of property was available and where they were located. I considered places that would fit my lifestyle, like restaurants I’d visit and how far away it is from doctors, the city and the airport.

I had a general idea of where I’d like to live on the island, so I contacted some local real estate agents and asked them about those areas I researched. After narrowing down to a specific area, we started looking in greater detail at the type of real estate I wanted and other things I desired such as privacy, security, access to local services and the look and feel of the place. The agent compiled a list of real estate along with some I added, and we went about visiting those places. Some were off the mark and others were closer to what I was looking for.

The next part of the process for me was understanding the local conveyancing process and the costs. I wanted to feel secure in the process, the criteria I needed to meet and how long the process will take.  The third thing anyone should consider, is the costs and rules that apply as a non-citizen.

Q: Why did you make the decision to purchase in The Point?

A: On our property search, one of the places I selected to visit was The Point. I immediately loved the look and feel. After the tour, I knew – in terms of the development, the style, finishes, furnishings, security, available real estate and activities – that I wanted to live here.

Some of the reasons I really love The Point is that they built to hurricane standards. They have very high standards in the finishes and engineering of the buildings. Not to mention the Wi-fi is exceptional!

Once the decision was made, it was just a matter of understanding the price point to acquire a home. I decided to rent a home at The Point first. I believe renting was a good thing. It gave me the opportunity to live in the area and actually experience it. After living here for about two months, I was sure this was the right place, so we moved on to talk about the purchase.

Q: Describe your experience as a new homeowner at The Point.

A: I love The Point. I am a new homeowner, but it doesn’t feel that way and that’s one of the things I love about here. I am very comfortable in the space and that comfort comes from some of the things I have spoken about already: The location is great, the home itself was right but let’s look beyond that. I think that the people at the Point from the cleaning staff to the Marketing Manager, the Developer to the maintenance team, have been very helpful and responsive. This level of service wasn’t just for a honeymoon period either, it’s just the way they are.

I love the amenities here. In particular I love the gym, where its located and the options available. I love swimming in the pools every day – that’s my daily exercise. I have lunch here five times a week, we go boating and I have done a couple of yoga classes and those have all been very cool and what makes The Point home.

Q:  What are the most important aspects (service and amenities) at The Point that you value which would not have been available at the other properties you looked at during your property search?

A: I would say it is the weekly cleaning service, full-service maintenance, garden service and of course having access to a fully outfitted private gym.

Q: What advice would you give to a new/potential buyer considering owning a property in Grenada.  

A: There are a few small things to consider. I think they must understand how long the process is going to take. If you are seeking to acquire a citizenship or not, it will affect the length of time.

The second thing to consider are the buying and selling costs if you are not a citizen. As a non-citizen of Grenada there are certain costs such as an Alien Landholding License when you buy and when you sell. I would recommend that any new buyer should find a reputable conveyancing attorney who will look after your interests.

Also consider your Homeowner fees (HOAs). They sometimes come in various options. You can have an all-in option where everything is maintained or an alternative where the property manager takes care of some things and you the homeowner looks after other things. It is important to know the associated costs.

Finally, consider your home insurance. I would say to ensure the home you buy is built to hurricane standards. Not that Grenada is known for hurricanes, but it can get windy sometimes and you don’t want your roof to fly off every time a weather system comes through. That can affect the cost of your home insurance.

Q: On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate the process of acquiring a home at The Point?

A: For me the process was a solid 9. I was leaning towards a 10 however, I think understanding of the property transfer and conveying process was not very clear to me. It was not an issue with The Point, it’s just the purchasing process of Grenada is a bit more fluid while I am accustomed to a far more rigid and structured process that clearly outlines what happens next and when it will happen.  That uncertainty created a degree of insecurity in the purchasing process, but it really wasn’t a big deal.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your new home and staying at The Point?

A: I love the flow of the home, the size, finishes, top-end appliances, the views are magnificent, its homely and well appointed. Its secure. Its private but at the same time it’s not totally secluded or excluded. To say it simply, is an inclusive environment where everyone is able to maintain privacy.

Q: What are your favorite activities at The Point?

A: Using the gym, swimming, boating, doing Yoga and barbequing. I haven’t yet tried kayaking, but I am looking forward to it and exploring the beach bar and fire pit that are being built.

Q: Describe your typical day at The Point?

A: I am an early riser, so I typically start my day at 4:30am. I shower then have quiet devotional and meditation time followed by a short workout at the gym. I eat breakfast then start my business day and run errands. Typically, after lunch, I dedicate my afternoons to spending time with family and engaging in leisure activities. My weekends are far more fluid where I go to a bar on the nearby Hog Island, snorkeling at the underwater park, go out to eat, boating, etc. I’ve made a number of friends in Grenada so far and I am looking forward to nurturing those relationships.

Q: What advice would you give to persons looking for a second home in Grenada.

A: I think what persons should think about if they want to come to Grenada is it’s a small country – and that’s a good thing – but you may find it to be a bit limiting. If you’re the type of person who likes to get out on your motorcycle or car and want to go driving three or four hundred miles, then you’re not gonna get that done over here.

Because the island is small it has very low crime rates; you don’t have to travel far to get anywhere; the people are really friendly and unassuming and it’s easy to find your way around. I’d say if that’s what you’re looking then consider Grenada. If you are looking for a country blessed with naturally beauty, then Grenada has that. Beautiful oceans, good sea food and incredible warm climate.

It’s an interesting lifestyle in Grenada. I find people are motivated to get things done and they are honest and ethical but it’s not a ‘rat race’. You have this blend that things will get done and get done properly but it happens at a pace that you can breathe. If its urgent it will get done immediately but you don’t have to race to go everywhere or to do everything.

The other thing with Grenada is its proximity to the western hemisphere. If you want to travel it’s very easy to get to Europe, North America and the rest of the Caribbean. If those are the places you feel you will be visiting or have family and friends there then fantastic.

I always say if you’re looking for open space, fresh air, beautiful weather, friendly people, great selection of cuisine and foods then Grenada is a wonderful place for all of that and that’s why I considered Grenada.

Q: You mentioned food several times during this interview, what has your dining experience been like in Grenada?

A: Food is interesting in Grenada. Like with any other country, Grenada has its own national dishes and its own take on international food. It’s always great when you go to another place to understand and taste the food. Try to develop a palate for the local food and also understand the history of the food. Food is one of the defining influences in a country. Beyond that, Grenada has French, British, South and North American as well as European influence in their foods. There are so many different types of food here.  I would say where they don’t have as much influence is Chinese and Thai. It’s not that there aren’t any of those restaurants, but it certainly isn’t as well represented as the other types of cuisines.

The island has great ingredients because everything grows so beautifully on the island so you always have good, fresh produce that you can use to cook your own dishes.

The same goes for the music. It has types of music, chilling and ‘liming’ that are very unique to the island. I love the idea of these walks you can take through the forest and you never know quite where you are going; it’s called ‘Hashing’.


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